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What is ergocise.com?

ergocise.com is a free, web-based ergonomic exercise program especially designed for computer users. Ergocise.com combines a simple reminder program with over one hundred short animations of simple, ergonomically correct stretches and strengthening exercises. Combining gentle warm-ups, stretches, strengthening ergocises and self-massage, ergocise.com's reminder program can help reduce computer-related stress and tension as well as help prevent RSIs (Repetitive Stress Injuries) from developing.

Most ergocises can be done at your desk, right in front of your computer. Some ergocises are done standing up. For a few, you will need a little bit of space. Additionally, a couple of ergocises require the use of a desk, chair, wall or doorframe. Ergocises are designed to be simple and discreet. Ergocises can be performed in everyday work clothes, although we suggest that high heels be removed when stretching the hamstrings, since they impede the stretch. People who suffer from RSIs and especially CIRSIs (Computer Induced Repetitive Stress Injuries), such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, as well those who want to prevent CIRSIs from developing can benefit from ergocise.com.
Before you begin, please take a moment to review some ergocise basics.

What are RSIs?

RSIs are one type of MSD (Musculockeletal Disorder). MSD are injuries and disorders of muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage and spinal discs that result from repetitive motions, working in awkward positions, using excessive force or lifting heavy objects. MSDs are different from other types of injuries that result from falls, blows, trips and slips in that MSDs are cumulative, develop over time and increase with repetitive stress. CIRSIs are particular types of RSIs that include computer-induced RSIs. These include injuries that develop because of repetitive use and constant interaction with improperly positioned computer and desk arrangements, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Cervical Disc Herniation and Lower Back Pain.

How big a problem are RSIs?

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) RSIs account for over 60% of all workplace injuries. OSHA states that "work related MSDs are the most prevalent, most expensive and most preventable workplace injuries in the country." RSIs and other MSDs cost businesses between $15 to 20 billion each year, and indirect costs may run as high as $20 to 45 billion each year.

How do you prevent RSIs from developing?

RSIs are easy to prevent. Experts agree that computer users should take at least one short break each hour in order to prevent RSIs from developing. At ergosice.com computer users and desk workers of all types can take advantage of short breaks with our reminder program by doing simple ergocises that will help prevent RSIs from developing. Additionally, ergocise.com contributes to general well-being by reducing, through exercise and short breaks, the stress and tension that can build up during hours of sitting at a computer and that contribute to RSIs. Ergocise.com also offers information on RSIs, ergonomics, and links to other ergonomic sites, products and services.
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We hope that you benefit from ergocise.com's reminder program, ergonomic information and links.
Our goal is to reduce work-related tension and stress, and to help prevent RSIs and CIRSIs from developing.
We are constantly updating this site with new, current information, as well as new ergocises. We appreciate your feedback.
For questions or comments about ergocise, specific stretches or strengthening ergocises, or ergonomics in general email us at stretch@ergocise.com.
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